White and Write

Half a month in and already we’re getting lots of hits. Minnesota has rolled into the season of snow, snow, and more snow, and the next two Thursdays are Christmas and New Year’s. But that doesn’t mean I’m slacking.

Coffee News Bench

I bounced over to Saint Paul’s Coffee News Cafe last night to check out Indigest Mag’s one year anniversary reading/celebration and Coffee News’ gorgeous worn wood. We’ll have photos and video from that, featuring Lech Harris, Meggie Elder, and Peter Bognanni on December 25th. And we’ll have an interview and photographs with a local poet to ring in the New Year. Double-check your venues’ schedules for open mic nights through the end of the year, some places take a week or two off.

Rose Ring and Pleated Gown

There are a lot of interesting and important projects being dreamed and schemed right now. I’m really excited to see how these things work out and manifest themselves. The economy may be awful, opportunities may be tight, but I foresee a lot of entrepreneurial creativity coming out of the writing, art, and music communities. In spite of all the hardship, we have to keep forging ahead and deciding for ourselves, what we want the future to look like and how we’re going to help it get there.



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A thumb among fingers. A writer, a photographer, a lover of all things citrusy.
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  1. el guante says:

    this is the greatest blog ever. i’m linking it, hella.


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