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Word Ninjas Open Mic

Last week Tuesday the Rockstar Storytellers hosted their now-regular Word Ninjas open mic night at Kieran’s Irish pub in Minneapolis. I’m familiar with the Rockstars only by reputation and these Open Mic nights, but I look forward to following them … Continue reading

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Spoken Word Summit

UGH! I’m behind on my posts, partially because I’ve been trying to do too much in too little time. I’ve got words and images from last week’s open mic with the Rockstar Storytellers, words about a couple of open mics I hit accidentally when going to shows, and so much more. We’ll catch up tomorrow, but I wanted to remind you about the Spoken Word Summit.

Here’s the invite, from hosts Matthew Rucker and Kyle “El Guante” Myhre. Show up! I hope to see you there! Continue reading

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Upcoming Events vs Calendar

I liked the idea of an upcoming events page, but I’m liking better having a calendar and occasional posts detailing specific upcoming events. So I’m retiring the Upcoming Events page, in lieu of the google calendar, which I’ll eventually have … Continue reading

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Soapboxing Blowout

Don’t call it a comeback! The first Soapboxing Slam of 2009 had more new faces, more poets back out of retirement, and higher quality slamming than I’ve seen in a minute. Sixteen poets (not counting the WOWps showdown pair) signed … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned!

There are so many things happening this month in the MN spoken-word world, there might just end up being some non-Thursday “Big” posts. 3 slams, 3 non-denominational open mics I’m going to try to hit, the spoken word summit, and … Continue reading

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