Shameless Self Promotion

Okay, maybe it’s mildly shameful. See, I don’t like the idea of talking about myself here, but it’d be wildly remiss of me to not point out what an amazing website Minnesota Reads is- as I was interviewed for the “6 Questions We Always Ask” segment of this week. As MN Reads points out, MN Mic is definitely a kindred spirit in conception- though MN Mic hasn’t been around nearly so long as MN Reads, the sites both arose from a desire to give Minnesotans opportunities to connect with word-related-events in the area. You can read the interview here.

If you’d like to see me off the internet- I’ll be at the Erotic Poetry Slam at Kieran’s this Saturday, and performing with Desdemona, Caly, Sierra DeMulder, Cynthia French, and Jenn Sparks at “That’s What She Said” on the 25th at the Local. I’m pretty friendly, come say “hi.” It’s good to be back in Minnesota.

Slam photos, video, and commentary from tonight will be up later this week- I’ve also got a bunch of things from open mic nights that I hit up the past month and a half, and an interview with a local poet! So. Much. Going. On. Check out the calendar for more upcoming events, email me at cole.sarar at gmail dot com if you’ve got a spoken word event coming up that I’ve missed.


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A thumb among fingers. A writer, a photographer, a lover of all things citrusy.
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