Spoken Word at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

This fringe preview is brought to you by the talented and charming Katherine Glover.

Minnesota Fringe is almost here! More than 160 different one-hour shows will be playing in rotation at dozens of venues around town. There will be dance; there will be musicals; there will be penguins.

And there will be spoken word! Minnesota Microphone is happy to help you navigate the various spoken word options this year’s Fringe has to offer.

I was originally going to list every single spoken word show, but there are just too many, so I picked a sampling of 10 to give you a taste. However, the Fringe website has a whole page of spoken word shows and another for solo shows, so I encourage you to browse those as well.

And now, without further ado…

A Sampling of Spoken Word Shows at the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival:

WORD, presented by Dante’ Pirtle. The only show this year in the “hip hop/rap” category. I’m not familiar with them at all, so I’ll quote from the description: “An urban musical about the end of hip-hop. A musical satire starting at hip-hop culture’s beginning in 1984 and ending up in the present.”

Food Shelf Follies, presented by Lane McKiernan. “Tales of life on the lower end of the economic scale.” I have heard many of these stories and they are exquisite. Highly recommended.

The Morning After the Summer of Love, presented by Scream Blue Murmur — a group of poets all the way from Ireland! They were here a couple of years ago, and they were awesome, though then they were calling themselves the Belfastpoets touring group.

My Sinking Ship, presented by Allison Broeren. Why does that name sound familiar? She’s the Minneapolis slam master! Go see her show!

A Cynic Tells Love Stories, presented by Katherine Glover. Another familiar name… Hey, wait, that’s me! Go see my show!

Every Pastie Tells a Story, by Nancy Donoval, who is one of the best storytellers in town — and she’s talking about stripper pasties, not the food.

Axed (The Rockstars’ Remix), presented by Rockstar Storytellers. Rik Reppe, Dave Mondy and Courtney McLean tell stories about “getting the axe,” mixed live by DJ King Otto.

Drinking Stories, a one-woman variety show by local comedian Jen Zalar, combining poetry, storytelling, comedy, improv, song, dance and magic.

Habitat: A Documentary Theater Project, presented by Rachel Anne Johnson. “Stories composed by those living in the shelters and on the streets and shores of Duluth, examining the meaning of home. Desires and hopes are revealed when one answers the question, ‘Where do you live?’”

The Gayer Show, by Les Kurkendaal and Dan Bernitt. Personal stories from two guys who came of age a generation apart. These are more out-of-town performers, so we should show them our support.

And don’t forget to check out the full line-up at the Fringe website, particularly the spoken word and solo shows. Have a great Fringe!


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