St. Paul Soapboxing Team wins Slam Nationals!

It’s true. For the first time, a Minnesota team made it into the finals round of the National Poetry Slam (Poetry Slam International, the nonprofit which heads up and oversees this and other national poetry slam events). Not to leave any question as to the caliber of their talents, the team won every one of their bouts leading up to the finals, and the finals as well. Minnesota cannot be overlooked on a spoken word map, it is true.

Kyle “El Guante” Myhre of the Soapboxing team has provided some links to different articles on the event. We here at MN Mic will be doing individual interviews with each of the slam poets on the team over the course of the next week here.

City Pages article
Midwest Broadcast article
Play-by-play of the finals round

Congratulations, Matthew, Khary, Sierra, Kyle, Michael, and Jenn!


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