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SlamMN! Season Opener, Guest Blog by Lindsey McDonald Dorsey

A good friend to the slam scene, Lindsey McDonald Dorsey is a regular installation in the Minneapolis comedy and improv scenes. As she was assisting slammaster Wonder Dave with time/score on Tuesday night, I took advantage of her kindness and … Continue reading

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Soapboxing Interviews: Part 1

Interspersed with the other updates and interviews I’ll be doing over the next little while, you’re going to find interviews I’m conducting with members of the 2009 Soapboxing slam team, about their experiences at the National Poetry Slam. If you … Continue reading

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RainTaxi Announces Book Fest Authors

I know, I know, you’re saying Cole- this is a SPOKEN word blog, not a book blog! I’d be visiting Minnesota Reads if I wanted to know about book events. But wait, intrepid MN Mic-ers, my hunch was correct- there … Continue reading

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St. Paul Soapboxing Team wins Slam Nationals!

It’s true. For the first time, a Minnesota team made it into the finals round of the National Poetry Slam (Poetry Slam International, the nonprofit which heads up and oversees this and other national poetry slam events). Not to leave … Continue reading

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Les Kurkendaal, spoken word performer

So instead of just sticking with reviews, I thought Iā€™d mix it up and do an interview with a seasoned Fringe performer. Les Kurkendaal is one half of the duo performing in The Gayer Show. I asked Les some questions … Continue reading

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