IWPS Update!

Hi folks, it’s Cole, writing from Oakland, CA. I’ve been supporting the slam poets competing in the Individual World Poetry Slam at Berkeley. I’ve been taking notes, and hope to be blogging about this and other things, but I want to link to the photos I’ve uploaded from the bouts I’ve attended thus far. Click the links to get a look at the rest of the photos from these events!

IWPS 2009, Day 1, Early Bout
La Pena Bout 1 Prelims Day 1

IWPS 2009, Day 1, Late Bout
La Pena Bout 2 Prelims Day 1

2009 IWPS Bad Poetry Slam

Bad Poetry Slam IWPS 2009

Vancouver vs Boise at IWPS (Win and You’re In)
Vancouver vs Boise at IWPS

IWPS 2009, Day 2, Early Bout
IWPS Day 2, Early Bout at Café Valparaiso

IWPS 2009, Day 2, Late Bout
IWPS Day 2, Late Bout at Starry Plough

Almost 1,000 pictures in two days! Cross your fingers, we’ve got two Minnesotan poets on the final stage tonight (out of 10 finals stage poets), Sierra DeMulder and Khary Jackson (6 is 9). Next summer Saint Paul will be hosting the National Poetry Slam- bringing in some of these, the nation’s best spoken word poets.


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A thumb among fingers. A writer, a photographer, a lover of all things citrusy.
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