International Slam News

Just a couple of quick things.
The mayor of Buffalo, NY declared Valentine’s Day officially Gabrielle Bouliane Day, from now on. Gabrielle, also known as Gabby, as a spoken word poet from Austin, TX. She was an integral part of the spoken word scene and passed away recently, after an extended battle with cancer. Beloved in the slam community- it is always devastating to lose someone so young, but her vibrant spirit is being carried on through the community. Bunny Up!

Vancouver, Canadian slam poet Shane Koyczan performed in the opening ceremonies of the 2010 olympics last night. We look forward to NBC releasing video- it’s landmark, to see a slam poet (yes, on a plinth, Jhayne) respected so far as to be celebrated in such an important international ceremony. It speaks to Koyczan’s talent and anthemic voice- I look forward to this recognition to spread into communities and to set the stages of the world ablaze with spoken word. Minnesotans- count yourself lucky, the National Poetry Slam is coming to Saint Paul this summer.



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