Chapbooks and Publishing

As I’m in the throws of self-publishing my chapbook, I found these blogs by nationally known slam poets Karen Finneyfrock and J. Bradley to be really insightful. There’s been a lot of thoughtful discourse on the national level, about a lot of different subjects, and I didn’t want these conversations on publishing and touring to fall through the cracks:

Karen Finneyfrock How to Get Accepted by Write Bloody
(Note- this isn’t just applicable to Write Bloody- this is good advice for approaching any publisher.)

J. Bradley An Open Letter to First Time Authors on a Small Press
(This is more applicable to touring poets, and though it doesn’t offer a lot of solutions, it does suggest what are reasonable expectations to make of event organizers.)

MN Mic staff has a couple of pieces in the works, so expect us to be back on task soon. Keep your eye on the calendar, get out there, and maybe consider writing up an event you’ve seen for MN Mic!



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