Standards in Spoken Word, Call to Arms

MN Mic is pleased to point out that we’re publishing another essay by Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre for spoken word poets and audiences, to be more conscious about what makes “good” spoken word, and to have a discussion about that. The piece is coherent and insightful- and if you want to add your thoughts, we welcome you to do so.

A link to the article is both Here and over on the right side of the page.

I’d also like to make a bit of a call to arms. A dear friend of mine is working to raise money for her mother, who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Cookie had been working abroad in India, teaching and working with farmers, and hence had no health insurance. The first surgery, there in India did not go well, so she and her husband moved back to the US to get treatment here. Having left behind their jobs, money is quite obviously very tight. So their daughter Abra, who is a fiction writer, decided to put her talents to work for her mother. She’s writing a sci-fi horror thriller called The Circus of Brass and Bone, with a voluntary donation- 100% of which goes towards Cookie’s treatments. Now, that’s the heart-wrenching bit. The neat bit is that even on its own, this is a really great story and a project worthy of investment- both the text and an audio podcast are made available- and Abra’s reading really brings out some of the beauty of the language and playfulness in the storytelling. And if you invest $20 or more, You Get A Character Named After You. I know this is true, because I’ve heard my friends’ names there in the story- not just as bit characters, either. You’d pay $20 to get your name in a book, wouldn’t you? Cancer wouldn’t even have to be involved! At any rate: this is me asking you to help out. Go over to Circus of Brass and Bone and give it a listen, if you’re not sold already. And once you get what a cool project this is- tell your friends, please.


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