Where is MN Mic these days?

Hi folks, this is your editor, Cole.

The last year, posts on MN Mic have been few and far between, and for that I apologize, but I found that MN Mic was serving individual performers more than it was serving the larger community, that service and the hours of work and personal money were taken for granted, and wasn’t doing a whole lot for the community at large. It has never been easy to find guest bloggers and photographers, and you as readers don’t see this, but I’ve had more folks “forget” or bow out of articles they’ve agreed to, than folks who’ve come through with quality work. Between the thankless free work, the new personal projects, and the fact that I got a new job, MN Mic has kind of taken a back burner. The local calendar (also to be found in the links on the right side of the page) is still being updated very regularly (though, I frequently roll my eyes at people who are upset when I don’t get something up in time when they send me information a week or less before their event).

As I’ve been in the spoken word community longer, I’ve found a new way of contributing to the slam scene at large by starting an all women’s poetry slam. It’s a good scene, there are a lot of really great new voices, and I’m a benevolent dictator (and a pretty great host, if I may say so). There are a lot of really interesting projects going on locally in spoken word, now, and as I continue to get invites to their events, I’ll continue to post them on the calendar. Get involved, and shoot me a message if you feel like writing about a local spoken word event and want it up on MN Mic. Should I be seized with the impulse, I’ll get a new blog up here.

You’re all rockstars, don’t sweat the small stuff.

From Kyle Myhre: Ongoing events-
TC spoken-word overview


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One Response to Where is MN Mic these days?

  1. d.c. says:

    th (group) FallOut Fridays is gone; you can/shud take them off th calendar. in it’s PLACE; y not put the Wednesday night venue GINGKO &/or th Annodyne read, or the NEW ONE @ Minnehaha Free Space (38th/Minnehaha)[?]… jus tryn 2 keep u ‘updated’


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