Spoken Word Artist Biographies

This page links to individual artists’ webpages, with a very short bio. To be included send an email to cole.sarar at gmail dot com with the subject line “Spoken Word Bio”. The contents should be 1. Your name and/or stage name, 2. the webpage you want linked to your name, and 3. a short biography (50 words or less).

If your bio was not included, it exceeded the 50 word bio length, and I couldn’t easily edit it down. I’ve contacted you to do that and will include the bio as soon as you’ve sent one of the required length.

Wonder Dave
Wonder Dave is a writer and performer based in Minneapolis. Dave is the co-slam master of SlamMN and the poet laughette of the Monday Night Comedy Show. He has a cat named Jack.

Casey Degnan
Casey Degnan published his first book in ‘06, was the producer of The Green Room in Raleigh, NC and currently resides in Chicago, IL where he is working on his next book A Dog’s Day Off and is collaborating with Terry and Sean Degnan in My Brother the Poet.

Issac Eide
Isaac Eide is a young, and subsequently aspiring artist who prides himself on crossing genres from music to theater to performance poetry. He sprang forth from the downtown minneapolis HCMC, a wandering arsonist of thought who can’t keep his mouth shut. Also he barely believes any of these things.

EZRA (Extremely Zealous Rhyme Advocate)
has been performing publically for over seven years. A two-time Minneapolis Slam Team member, EZRA went to the semi-finals stage as part of the 2007 Soap Boxing Slam Team, the first ever National Poetry Slam Team from St. Paul. EZRA also emcees in the local Hip-Hop group Death Ray Scientific.

Katherine Glover
Katherine Glover joined the local spoken word scene in 2001 and has been involved off and on ever since — when she hasn’t been away at grad school or living overseas. She’s a freelance writer and journalist, and also the creator of the 2008 one-woman show “No Stranger Than Home.”

Kyle “Guante” Myhre is an emcee, spoken-word poet, activist, educator and writer. He is a former slam champion of Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN, and facilitates spoken-word and hip hop workshops for youth through the Minnesota Spoken-Word Association.

Inky is a blogger, spoken word poet, playwright, and photographer. She was the 2008 Minneapolis Geek Slam champ, and represented Minneapolis at the Women of the World Poetry Slam. She won the people’s choice award for 2009 Best New Spoken Word Artist.

Ruth F. Kohtz
Ruth is a writer, performer, and MC who has appeared 4 times in the Turf Club’s Riot Act Reading Series and is the Spoken Word Curator for local variety show Sample Night Live. Her chapbook, Eat me, I’m organic!, might come out in 2009.

phillip andrew bennett low
Chinese-American playwright, poet, mime, theatre critic and libertarian activist. Founder of the touring theatre troupe Maximum Verbosity, co-founder and Chair of the Rockstar Storytellers, creator of the hit storytelling show “Descendant of Dragons.”

Curt Lund’s
literary work has appeared on stages, pages and airwaves including the Minneapolis Geek Slam, Minnesota Fringe, MPR, CBC Radio, McSweeney’s, Tellabration 2008, Fray Day, KFAI, Spirit in the House, GLBT Pride festivals in three states, and other cabarets and open-mics across the Midwest and in glamorous faraway destinations from Vegas to Vermillion.

Courtney McLean is an actress, stand-up comedian, writer, storyteller, banjo player, personality, sister, daughter, native Californian, transplanted New Yorker, recently-crowned Minnesotan, and “the nerdiest girl Jimmy Gaines knows.” She is a proud founding member of Rockstar Storytellers.

Michael Mlekoday
Scrabble champ. Babble-rouser. Lego revivalist. Storm watcher.

Poetic Assassins
Poetic Assassins is a local spoken word group consists of Verse and BUGS. The two have an assortment of individual projects, workshops/residencies, and performances. It is hard to miss this dynamic couple of artists. They are also winners of the 2009 VERVE grant.

Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria
is a father, organizer, poet and agitator for change from the land of the Incas. Proud member of the award winning collective Palabristas (wordslingers). He uses the power the word to teach and inspire and host a monthly open mic @ EL Burrito Mercado every last Saturday of the month.

4 Responses to Spoken Word Artist Biographies

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  2. Mlekoday says:

    AH! I thought I had the shortest bio. But alas, Rodrigo is so cool, he doesn’t even need a bio.

  3. IBé says:

    I feel left out in the cold. what I got to do to get my name on the board?

  4. IBe, you don’t read instructions very well! From the first paragraph:

    To be included send an email to cole.sarar at gmail dot com with the subject line “Spoken Word Bio”. The contents should be 1. Your name and/or stage name, 2. the webpage you want linked to your name, and 3. a short biography (50 words or less).

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