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New Look for MN Mic

Hey folks- I did a quick redesign of the website, so that the articles exist in a drop down menu, the full illustration I made (almost two years ago) is visible, the links “pop” just a little more, and it … Continue reading

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Loren Niemi’s Two Chairs Telling

by Wonder Dave, photos and video by Cole Sarar Loren Niemi is one of those lovely, curmudgeonly installations of the storytelling scene. Wonder Dave and I happened upon the idea of focusing on Loren’s work in the spoken word scene … Continue reading

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Rockstars Get Sexy

by Cole Sarar, photos by Cole Sarar I would like to preface this post with a warning. The show I discuss here is the Rockstar Storytellers’ Erotic show. Though the Rockstars did remain clothed for the duration of the performance, … Continue reading

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Soapboxing- What have you been missing?

by Cole Sarar, photos and audio by Justin Schell, photos and video Cole Sarar It’s been about six months since the last time I personally wrote up a slam at the AQ, and I felt like instead of my usual … Continue reading

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Spoken Word at the Fringe: Part 2

Reviews by Cole and Wonder Dave Anansi, Brer Rabbit and Other Wily Characters by the Black Storytellers Alliance Imagine my chagrin when looking through the Fringe descriptions and came across an entire local spoken word organization I’d not yet heard … Continue reading

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